The Coaching Department Scam

Please be aware of SCAM companies such as The Coaching Department, Daeus Financial, and Supplier Source. These companies are unethical and have bad business practices. I have recently been a victim of their deceptive scams and have been trying to recover my money. In total these companies have scammed me $16,000 of my hard earned money. These companies will try to convince you and lie to you about their “needed” services. I have signed up and purchased things that I absolutely did not need. As I have become more knowledgable and doing my own research, I found out that most of their services that they offer for thousands of dollars are actually FREE.

For example, I purchased services with Supplier Source to give me unlimited access to dropshippers. Come to find out I can sign up with dropshippers for FREE! Sothey charged me a bogus $8,500 for their services which is actually free.

Another example is with Daeus Financial. I purchased 2 services with them. The first was to hire my own CPA with Strategic Tax Services. Come to find out, I didn’t need their bogus service as filing my taxes is very simple since I am only running a simple dropshipping business. But they convinced me that I needed this service. I paid my CPA $2,250 for nothing! I even tried contacting him via email and no response until 1 month later! Wow great service! The other service was with Your Entity Solution which is also under Daeus Financial. I purchased this service to start up my business and have it legally registered in my state. So I paid them to form my LLC and providing me my EIN. Again come to find out I can do this for less than $200 by simply going to my courthouse and doing it myself! They charged me a bogus $2,200! Well to sum it all up, please be aware and do not become a victim like me. Don’t waste your money on these companies!


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