The FTC files suit against Novus North (aka Yes International) & Apply Knowledge (aka The Coaching Department)

February 25, 2014


Business Week Article

FTC Press Release


Utah Consumer Advocate – Newly Accredited with the Better Business Bureau!!

February 4, 2013


Beware of Business Coaching Scams

January 17, 2013

Have you seen websites or ads, or gotten telephone calls that say a home-based internet business could be your ticket to making easy cash? Some claim a business coaching program will help you get going. Before you respond to an offer for business coaching services, keep your money in your wallet and your eye on a recent case brought by the FTC.  The FTC has announced a settlement with Ivy Capital and related companies alleging that the companies sold bogus business coaching services to people by phone after the consumers responded to online ads or e-mails for work-at-home opportunities.

Read More Here from the Federal Trade Commission.

FTC Sues to Close Alleged $220 Million Telemarketing Scam

January 16, 2013

The Federal Trade Commission sued to shut down an alleged $220 million telemarketing scheme operating out of the Empire State Building, saying it has victimized thousands of people, including the elderly and disabled.

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Ivy Capital & defendants ordered to pay $130 Million

January 10, 2013

Ivy Capital Scam

On December 20th, 2012, almost 2 years from the date the FTC raided offices of Ivy Capital, Fortune Learning and other affiliated business, did the United States District Court enter a judgment against these companies requiring them to pay a combined $130 Million dollars for consumer injury.  The original FTC complaint filed against Ivy Capital can be found here.    The FTC also issued a press release and initiated an action called “Operation Empty Promises” which focused primarily on the coaching and mentoring industry.

Robb Evans & Associates LLC

Scammed by the Coaching Department

November 20, 2012

The Coaching Department, after snagging my name from off a list of individuals seeking at-home employment from a different company, did determined my computer knowledge to be less than novice, did deliberately seek me out to take advantage of my ignorance, did deliberately mislead me into purchasing their worthless, unusable products and did so knowing I would have no idea as to the expensive unfolding of their pyramid scheme until I had invested many long hours and the damage had long been done! Then, these pirates had the nerve to insist I start paying monthly subscription fees or be banned from the use of my already paid-in-full purchase product! Since when does a store sell a product then start billing the customer for the use of the product? What a scam!

In short, the Coaching Department scammed me for $13,695 deliberately suspecting I would be too embarrassed, too broke, and too dumb to do aught but keep my mouth shut. Yet they best get straight on the real me. Since realizing I was scammed, I have visited extensively with and placed complaints with the FBI, the Wyoming Attorney General’s Office, the FTC and the Utah BBB. For sure, not enough money is at stake to interest a lawyer as yet but I am still searching and still getting the word out.

The Coaching Department is a mean, cruel, evil doer and must be made to stop poisoning the internet and stealing the hard earned saving of the innocent!

Can the Utah Consumer Advocate help?

Profit Master Academy / The Coaching Department

November 17, 2012

I signed up with Profit Master Academy/The Coaching Department and any other name they go by. They go by several other names and they change the names often.

I paid for $ 6,695 and signed contract.
I began having bad experience with the training, coaches assigned to me, and high selling pressure. I found out that I had to pay more services if I wanted a useful business.

On their advice, I charged my credit card, which now I am responsible for this amount and and will have to pay off with high interest costs. They said that my investment will be paid off when my business start selling. The problem is, they assumed that I will be making money.

I asked for a refund and they are not willing to refund me. They say it’s because I didn’t cancel within the 3 days stipulated on the contract.

I want a refund because I am very unhappy with the training. My bad experiences came after the contract was signed. They tried to make me stay, but my trust has eroded. I don’t want anything to do with them.

My case can’t be classified as ‘no refund after the 3 days’. My experience is complete dissatisfaction for the program.

My credit card is unable to get me the refund, all they do is pass feedback back and forth.

I want my money back. I am out of work and I have no income to pay for the charge, They clearly took advantage of my vulnerability.

I’ve since read on the internet that lots of people fell into their prey.

Can you help me to get a refund from these people? If you can’t, please advise of a government agency that has the authority to get my money back

Thank you.

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